Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Doing My Best

Here we are in mid-January and all I have done is shared a recap of the previous year.   For some reason I feel like I have not enough hours to do what needs to get done, let alone what I want to get done.  It seems my sister in law shares this sentiment.  Just today her blog entry started out:

The holidays have come and gone and I’ve been woefully neglectful of my writing – I’m starting to believe that the feeling of never getting enough accomplished  is a cold, hard fact about being an adult.  There will always be a few dirty cups in my sink.  I’m learning to get over it.

I think my problem is I have not learned to get over it!

Since December 29, we have been back in Florida but not alone!  A ton of extended family was here until January 2nd, and continued to trickle out until January 8.  Our parents are here off and on in the winter.  So people are here- which is lovely!  And they are so friendly and thoughtful.  Inviting us for dinner and impromptu activities is fun.  But when I do these things, I sacrifice my boring day to day stuff.  We also have had some cat health issues [more on that soon] which tend to take away spare time after work.  What I'm trying to say is, I am beginning to lose it.

Case in point: I ordered 3 different pairs of running shorts on Saturday evening.  They were delivered on Monday morning.  They sat in the living room, untouched, until yesterday evening.  The boxes are currently sitting in the bedroom, still untouched.  It is driving me CRAZY, and yet, I have literally not had time to try them on.

Another example?  I removed all Christmas lights from the porch on Friday, January 11. That is LATE for me!  But I did it.  Do you know what I forgot to do?  Take the candles out of the windows.  So on Monday I took out the downstairs candles.  Do you know what I forgot to do?  Take out the upstairs candles!  Last night we had 3 candles flickering upstairs.  I am ok with it, I guess, because candles don't scream Christmas the way reindeer might, and because they are partially obstructed by trees.  (See, maybe I am learning to live with the dirty cups)

Still not convinced?  Every week, when the Sunday paper arrives, I take out the coupons and CVS insert.  I am a huge nerd and go through the CVS sale items, making a list of items I can combine with coupons.  It's a game.  I try to save money and also get ExtraBucks.  This week is a good one for me.  So Sunday morning I was all set. Made a list.  Went for a run.  I could have gone to CVS at lunch time.  Did I go?  No, because I was at the Magic Kingdom with family (not complaining!  It was fun!)  Monday we had cat issues, and yesterday my mom took us to dinner and we caught up on Once Upon A Time together.  My beautiful list sits waiting for me.  Maybe tonight?

Just this week, my BFF Hannah has shared what I consider to be a genius idea.  Catching up on 2012.  (Oh, another thing I am trying to still do this week?  CALL HANNAH!!  Seriously)  I did not do a terrible job last year, but I did not hit a home run either.  What bothers me most, I think, is that I did not post a thing about our LA trip.  No one really cares, but since this blog serves as an online journal at times, I best write something, don't you think?   I don't want 2013 to spiral out of control, so my plan is this:

  • catch up on big stuff in the end of 2012 in the most efficient way possible
  • try to stay on top of blog posts this year

I don't make New Year's resolutions - I have never been the type to wait around to make a change- but this seems like a good time to try to get myself together on this here blog.   And when I put it in cyberspace I will definitely try to stay accountable!

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