Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Three years ago today I looked like this: 

In the last 3 years I have not:
  • had hair that long or blond
  • been that tan
  • worn a dress that heavy
  • held a bouquet that ginormous and beautiful
  • been able to see so many people from all parts of our lives (family, childhood, college, etc) in one place
  • posed for so many photos in such a short time

I have, however, been as happy as I look in the above photo.

Cue the sap fest!    

Don't get me wrong: every minute of every day is not as wonderful as the entire day you get married.    But every day should make you happy as a couple.   You are happy that you got married, that you have lived a life together and will continue to build a life together.   The world is full of unknowns, but together, you will handle it and that makes it a lot less scary.

That's how I feel about the past three years we have officially, legally, been bound, and it's how I am approaching the future.   All I know is that the unknown is a lot more fun with a buddy.

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