Sunday, August 12, 2012


During the 2-week circus that was the Olympics (and I mean that in the most complimentary way!) I made a conscious effort to avoid news sites, such as Google News, CNN, and the official Olympic site as well.   The reason being, with London 5 hours ahead of me, events took place hours before NBC's [mediocre] coverage began.   Knowing events were finishing up in the afternoon locally - evening in London- I stayed off those websites.   I wanted to watch the drama unfold on TV later.

What did I forget to avoid?  FACEBOOK!  Now, you would think that 'friends' would have the sense to avoid posting news stories to their status updates.   "Congratulations to the USA Women on winning gold" showed up on my newsfeed hours before.   I got so angry!   So I decided to avoid facebook like the plague until the games closed on Sunday.

It was actually pretty awesome.  Lately the updates I have been seeing on facebook are largely people complaining or trying to show off.   I enjoy the site for sharing photos and keeping up to date with friends who live far away but I enjoyed being 'removed' for awhile.    I figure if anyone really needs to get in touch with me, they have my email address and phone number and can get in touch 'the old fashioned way'

All in all I was glad I did it- if only for about 10 days.   Life continued to progress, and I was not spoiled once for the rest of the games!   I might have just been inspired as to what to give up for Lent in 2013. . . . .

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