Saturday, August 18, 2012


Despite our best intentions, life is not a bowl of cherries.  I like to think of myself as a 'glass is half full' kind of person, but there are little things and big things that come up and try to knock us off our game.   My boss shared the following inspiration with my team at work this week.  Talk about keeping everything in perspective!

Is life beating you up right now?  Does life seem unfair?  Are your tired of trying?  Are you ready to quit?

Before you do please continue reading below.  Imagine if the below events represented your life’s calendar of events.  At what point would you have given up?  Would you have persevered?  How would you respond to the following series of events if they all happened to you?   At what year in the list would you have quit?  

Year 1 Your younger brother died.
Year 5 Your family is forced out of your home and you are saved from drowning.
Year 6 Your Mother dies.
Year 7 You are kicked in the head by a horse.
Year 16 Your older sister dies.
Year 19 You fail in business.
Year 20 You are defeated in race for State Legislature.
Year 21 You fail again in business.
Year 22 You are now elected to  State Legislature.
Year 23 Your fiance dies.
Year 24 You suffer a nervous breakdown.
Year 25 Your marriage proposal is rejected.
Year 26 You are defeated for your state’s speaker of the House.
Year 28 You are defeated for Elector.
Year 31 You are defeated in your race for United States Congress.
Year 34 You are elected to the United States Congress.
Year 35 You are defeated again in race for the US Congress.
Year 37 You have a son die.
Year 41 You are defeated in your race for United States Senate.
Year 43 You are now defeated in your race for Vice President of the US.
Year 45 You are defeated again in your race for United States Senate.
Year  47 You are now elected President of the United States.
Year 51  You survived a bullet through your hat.

So how do your current problems stack up to this list?

Perseverance builds character and character hope.


Do any history buffs know which great leader in American History this list refers to?

Abraham Lincoln

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