Thursday, August 30, 2012

Palmolive: It's Not Just For Dishes

Michael was out of town for a couple of days.  Coincidentally, during the exact days Isaac was supposed to hit Florida, but then took a last minute hook about 4 states to the west.   A series of text messages are below.    I love that he entertains me several states away.   Hear that, single ladies?   Marry a man who can make you laugh.

Setting: Monday morning, hotel restaurant.  Before Michael's business meeting

M:  So I ate bacon and somehow tons of bacon grease splattered all over my pants.  But I remembered the Book of Jules and it says to use dish soap.   I borrowed soapy dish water from kitchen.  Has vastly improved the situation

J: Good thinking!  Use a napkin on your lap next time

A couple hours later

M: I met [the CEO]!

J: Oh boy!  I hope he didn't notice the bacon

Disclaimer: This is not my own personal tip, but one I remembered reading years ago.  It was probably in Good Housekeeping.   The logic being that dish soap cuts through grease on dishes-- and on all other materials.  I'm telling you, it works!

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Eula said...

It DOES work! My daughter-in-law turned me on the using Dawn dish soap. Hard to admit a seasoned laundress like myself didn't know this great trick. Wonderful to compliment her on her genius, though! Love your blog! Love your name - we call our granddaughter, Juliet, 'Jules'.