Saturday, July 14, 2012

This is what they eat in heaven

Not that there was any doubt, but I have the best sister in the world.   Thursday afternoon the doorbell rang.  I was not expecting a delivery; for once I was not ordering shoes!   [This should probably be noted on a calendar somewhere: Jules did not order shoes this week]  Despite not being done with work for the day, I got up from writing my 100th email of the day -not exaggerating- to investigate.   Everyone needs to stretch her legs, right?

On the doorstep I saw a box with the return address of Momofuku Milk Bar and a "Keep refrigerated" sticker on the outside.    Oh my gosh.    I opened the box, which held a smaller box, tied with a cute silver ribbon.   My suspicions had been confirmed.    BIRTHDAY CAKE TRUFFLES.   

It was not even my birthday!   Now, we all know I have an obsession with desserts and most items loaded with sugar.  These truffles, however, are on another level.  For those of you keeping score, this does, in fact, mean that I ate two of my favorite desserts - EVER- in less than one week: Magic Cookies & Momofuku Milk Bar Truffles.

Have you ever had a birthday cake truffle?   If you have not, try to plan a trip to New York in the immediate future.  Then make time to go the store and buy some.   Or, have them shipped to your home.   Better yet, have your sister send them to you!  Enjoy with a latte or a glass of milk and you will be a happy camper.    Here's why:  

These truffles are made with a vanilla cake base and sprinkles (think Funfetti cake mix) and coated with a white chocolate glaze.  Then!    They are dipped into a layer of cake crumbs.   Are you serious?    Yes, my friends.   I am.

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