Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Working from home has a lot of perks.   I get to work in my pajamas (I don't actually do that....) I don't have to 'get ready' in the morning by doing my hair or my makeup.   I do not have to pack lunch ahead of time.  I do not have to wear shoes.  I can throw in a load of laundry at lunch time.  I can sign for a package if UPS comes.

This particular situation is not one of those perks.   In the last 7 days our internet has gone out twice.    Not just at my house. . . . the entire neighborhood.   My work is 100% online.    I answer hundreds of emails each day, I make and receive calls on a Voice Over IP phone, and I monitor an online chat feature.   My meetings are done through video chat.  When the internet goes down, I go down with it.

Last Tuesday when it happened for the first time, Michael told the internet folks "My wife works from home and is in sales.  Every minute she is off line is money out of her pocket"   This was not untrue.  It took approximately 6 hours for the internet to be restored.   Meanwhile, I headed to McDonald's, bought a $2 iced coffee and used their WiFi.

This afternoon I was away from my desk eating lunch.  My neighbor called to see if I had internet.  I did not.   ^*&%#@$!    Which means...... I went to McDonald's again.  Have you ever sat in a McDonald's for an entire afternoon?   It is not recommended.  I mean, today I decided I deserved a snack size McFlurry (delicious) so that was fun.  But sitting in a [Mc]booth while other people talk loudly all around me and enjoy their fries is not my idea of a good time.   I do not expect them to be quiet; this is McDonald's, not the library.  

Luckily, the outage lasted just 3.5 hours today, and my neighbor was kind enough to text me with an update.   So help me if this happens again in the near future.   Not only will money be out of my pocket, it surely won't be going toward paying my next internet bill!

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