Thursday, April 19, 2012

California Dreamin' (Drinkin) Part Four

I'm taking awhile to do this, and for that I apologize.   I figure at the very least the next time we go I will have a fantastic record of what we did!   Anyway, you're surprised we have not suffered cirrhosis of the liver aren't you?   Truly, we did not drink that much each day.  We shared tastings and dumped out the wine we didn't like or just got sick of drinking.  Don't judge until you are on winery #5 and you have already tasted 30 wines.

In addition to offering some tasty wines, nearly all of the wineries we visited offered spectacular views and settings.   A few favorite photos are below.   Yes, folks, it was WINDY on Monday.

After an epic downpour that morning, the sun came out at Plumpjack.  So naturally I made Michael stand in among the grapes and take a photo

In addition to having a cute name, Plumpjack also featured this cute bench outside their front door.  And!  Can I please point out my gold flats?  I am obsessed.  How have I lived without them so long?

While waiting for our drunk tour guide (for real) at Beringer I did manage to take some artsy shots like this one.

After our sit-down wine tasting at Saintsbury.  Such a cute place- a bit of a shabby chic winery
Side note: Am I the only person whose nose gets sunburned not in Florida, but in Northern California during what appeared to be monsoon season?  What gives?

Standing on top of the hill- more like a mountain- at Artesa

And when we change direction, my hair blows into my face.  I have a sinking suspicion Justin Bieber circa 2010 had a similar issue whilst performing in London

Domaine Carneros was unique in that the wine was served at tables for two, and offered cheese plates!  Delicious and a fantastic way to eat lunch..... before you eat lunch.  

Matanzas Creek was one of my favorite stops.   First of all, it looked like a tree house.  Secondly, the setting was so gorgeous I am pretty sure I would be happy living in an actual tree house on property.

If the tree house situation weren't enough, they grow lavender!   Acres of it- and it smells amazing.  This is a teeny tiny portion of it

It poured all day during our last traipse through wine country.   No seriously.   We're talking inches of rain in Sonoma.  I still managed to get my J picture, though.  Umbrella and all!  I think I should have gotten a discount since, I, too, am a J.

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