Thursday, April 12, 2012

A List from Mom

As you may recall my parents were in Florida for 3 months.  They arrived on New Year's Day and left last Friday.  THey enjoyed gorgeous temperatures, sunshine, theme parks, swimming pools, movie stars (ok, not really), and generally had a nice time away from the Ohio winter.  Ironically, northern Ohio had one of the mildest winters on record.  Dad said it doesn't matter because he was swimming in January and even a warm day in Ohio is not that warm.  Anyway.   I digress.

Mom and Dad got back to Ohio Saturday evening and were on hand to partake in the family Easter festivities.  They also got there just in time for a cold front and perhaps the grossest stretch of weather the county has seen in months.  Snow in April just is not fair.   Yesterday I received a list from my mother comparing northern Ohio to Central Florida.  I have posted it here for amusement purposes.  Guess which location she prefers right about now?

It's ok, Mom.  It's almost spring.  I promise

Central Florida 82 -Northern Ohio 42
Publix Boar's Head meats - Giant Eagle Market Day Meats 
Publix chicken salads - No chicken salad at all
Walk outside - Run into house, desperately trying not to get wet
Air conditioning - Furnace
Hot steering wheel - Must wear gloves to drive
Sandals - Shoes & sox
Shorts - Coat
Disney World - Nothing
But the worst thing of all:
Jujle & Miko - No Jujle & Miko

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