Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spa Day

I did not buy my husband's first anniversary gift until less than a week before the big date.   We talked about the first year being a paper gift, but sort of left it at that.  Then Michael mentioned that he'd ordered my paper gift.   Holy crap.   I had NOTHING and time was ticking away.  I had an idea of what I could do, but I had no time to do it!  YIKES.   Lucky for me I found it and got the gift completed in time.  For the record, he gave me a handmade picture frame with layers of beautiful paper on the frame.  I got him a blank book of sorts, with pre-printed questions all about our relationship.  Some questions were silly, some thoughtful, and some absurd.  I answered each as I saw fit, and it's pretty amusing.

Year 2's gift is cotton.  I was all over it.  Michael needed a new swimsuit and new hang-around weekend t-shirts.  Easy peasy.   I also found some adorable scrabble pillow covers on Etsy to add a bit of whimsy.  He in turn made a big deal of getting me a non-cotton gift.  Do you know what he gave me?

A DAY at the spa with, count em, 4 treatments.
-scalp treatment
-body polish

Have you ever spent a day at the spa?   I had, once, in Lake Placid.  It's glorious.   I had only one treatment scheduled, but I took advantage of each and every inch of the jacuzzi, steam room, showers, relaxation room etc.  Highly recommended.

But y'all.  If you can get 4 TREATMENTS?!   Whoa boy.   Yesterday I had a splendid combination of scheduled treatments and free time to enjoy the amenities.   And today I am still relaxed!  Can't wait to go back.    Now all I have to do is figure out how to make this work with the 3rd anniversary themed gift

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A. SK said...

Please have M talk to J...or possibly contract himself out for lessons!