Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Once Upon A Time

So I think I have a new cult show.   Did you watch Lost?   I did.  Every single episode.  They got inside my head and drove me crazy and sometimes even got into my dreams.   It was very strange.  But I must admit that it was a terrific show with great storytelling.  The character development and layers to the story was such that it almost felt like I was watching a novel.   Do you ever read a book so good that you wish they'd make it into a move so you could watch the characters?    Lost was like that but in reverse.  

And then Lost ended in May 2010.   This was good news not only for my free time, but for my dreams.  Interestingly, my shows are coming to an end lately.   The less-than-good-at-the-end Brothers and Sisters ended last year, Desperate Housewives ends this spring, I am bored with American Idol, etc.   Things were looking good as far as spare time is concerned.

Now, thanks to the creators of Lost, I have a new show to watch religiously.   Once Upon A Time.  It's on Sundays at 8pm on ABC (check local listings!) and if you enjoyed Lost, you should definitely check it out.   Even if you did not enjoy Lost but maybe, I don't know, have read a fairy tale in your life, check it out.

The actors are good (including Jennifer Morrison formerly of House, and Ginnfer Goodwin who apart from being a talented actress, has the cutest hair in the world, and the amazing Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin), the story lines familiar in parts, but deliciously tricky in others.  Flashbacks from the real world to the fairy tales are necessary to understand some of what is going on currently, but they're also a joy to watch, considering the period costumes, and real people behaving true to their fairy tale counterparts.

ABC ran a marathon on New Year's Day which we recorded, so even though I was not on the bandwagon at first, I am officially hooked.  Apple TV has episodes available for purchase, though ABC should have them on their site for free, if you watch a few ads.

January is lousy weather, folks.   You're only 8 episodes behind... get watching!

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jennifer anderson said...

sorry , i dont like once upon a time. now REVENGE thats a show. REVENGE is the new ALL MY CHILDREN.