Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surprise YAY of the Day

We went to Niagara Falls last month for Fall Break.  It was splendid and glorious and full of fall foliage.  And the camera died while we were there.  Rather, the camera dropped and smashed the Canadian concrete at full force.  It made a terrible sound and when I powered off and then on again, got a failure message.  The lens was busted, and wouldn't even retract into the body of the camera. SO SAD!

Because I am a photo junkie, I am freaking out about not having a camera available for our upcoming trips to Atlantic City, NYC, and New Jersey.  We've been scanning and other nerdy tech sites for a new Canon Elph.  The super cool ones are pricey.  I love photos and fancy cameras and use the features.  I also do not have the highest paying job right now and Michael is in school.  What to do, what to do.  Momsie offered to buy us the fanciest camera around for Christmas and just deliver it to us now.  Interesting...

On a whim, I grabbed the camera today and turned it on.  It worked!  No error message!  The zoom lens moved back and forth and it seemed to be just fine.  I turned it off and back on again.  I took a picture of Michael studying.  It was fine.  SUCCESS!  The camera is WORKING!   I do not know if this is short-lived or not.  But as of November 3, the camera appears to be functional and peachy keen, jelly bean.  YAAAAAY

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