Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks

Since 'moving out' of my parents home in 2005, I have not been home (or in Ohio) for Thanksgiving.  I have spent a few in DC with Michael's whole family, hosted by Aunt Nina.  I have spent two in South Carolina with one set of Michael's grandparents.  And this year, since we are in Ithaca, we were able to spend time with the other set of grandparents in New Jersey.  I have enjoyed all of these holidays full of food and family.

This year was extra special because Michael's grandparents, knowing Al is close by in the city, invited her, too.  So I had Michael's family and my sister around the table this year.  It was yet another lovely celebration of family, food, and laughter around the dinner table.  We were there for almost 4 hours, but it sure didn't feel like it.  I am lucky to have family near by, no matter where we move.


Laura said...

I spy a cute sweater dress! Where did you get it? I want more! Haha.

Jules said...

Loehmann's in New York City! They had lots... Do you have Loehmann's down south?