Sunday, October 17, 2010

Typing Nerd

Do you remember typing class?  I had my first one in 4th grade in a computer class taught by Mrs. Downie.  It was an Apple II GS and we used Typing Tutor, which had practice rounds and tests, and if you finished early or were really good, games to play!  It was an awesome program.  I always was very good at typing, and at the time credited years of piano lessons that accustomed me to sitting up straight with my hands poised over a keyboard.

My typing skills served me well during school; I typed papers with ease, and occasionally typed stuff for Dad, too!  While most jobs today require basic typing for email, mine doesn't require much more... I use a pretty awesome database that uses lots of mouse-clicking and minimal key strokes.   So you can imagine how excited I was when I came upon a new website....  Typeracer!  It's essentially an online typing competition and it allows people to race each other by typing quotes from books, movies and songs.  I have done a few practice rounds this afternoon (don't judge- Michael has been studying all day and I am trying not to distract him!) and am addicted.  You can race against your friends or strangers.  If any of my readers are as nerdy as me, I invite you to race me...  if you dare.


A. SK said...

OK this is a dangerous proposition. I just tested myself and am averaging somewhere around 62 wpm. That's an embarrassing score compared to the leader board!

Jules said...

Ash you are too cute. I have been consistently hitting 100 but I want to be on top!