Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup

I am not good at soccer.  I don't really know all the rules of soccer.  I was a field hockey girl back in the day, which suited me just fine.  I wore shin guards and knee socks, but prefer to hit a ball with an inanimate object, not my foot, thank you very much.

But it's 2010, which is a World Cup Year.  (I guess WC and Winter Olympics are now in the same calendar year?)  Truth be told, I didn't know the World Cup was this summer till about a week ago.  I have not watched any soccer thus far, but my sister is keeping me up to date in the attractive male athlete department.  Attractive man are one of her many specialties.

In case you need some eye candy, or haven't drooled on your keyboard in awhile, I offer you this to cap off what I hope was a delightful Monday.  Who is your favorite?  Benny Feilhaber would be welcome at my house any time.

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