Thursday, September 3, 2009

You may be my lucky star, but I'm the luckiest by far

I am a lucky girl. With our wedding now two weeks from Saturday, I have had many fleeting thoughts related to 'the big day' (which always makes me think of Frank in Father of the Bride). Instead of keeping these fleeting thoughts to myself, writing them on a notepad to create a quasi-cohesive list, or, better yet, pushing said thoughts out of my brain, I share them with others.

Throughout this whole 'process' I have sent e-mails to the bridesmaids about the dress and then this summer more about the 2nd dress- long story- and notes to Al about the Friday non-bachelorette party (more of a gathering, as it begins before lunch) and Ash about schedules and what she did as a bride and what was her timeline and why did she do it that way and how are you supposed to get gifts for your parents? (I am pretty sure I asked her that all in one breath) And long long ago, so it seems, notes to Marissa about cakes and flavors and fondant and icing. My future mother-in-law has known me for many years and therefore knows I am crazy and slightly OCD. Which means she's been in on the e-mail fun too, most recently about seating charts and friends and family and who wants to sit with whom. I am not shy with anyone!

The last month or so a fair portion of the wedding thoughts have been a bit more focused. Program-related, to be specific, which means Pannie gets to hear them. (Hi, Pannie!) I am fairly certain all of my readers know Pannie, and if you haven't well, you're missing out. She is wonderful and not only is she a fantastic friend, she's a kick-ass program designer, and takes e-mails from me at all hours.

Michael falls into the hit or miss category of my thoughts. Sometimes he is bombarded with questions that he can answer and cares about, but other times he looks at me like I am a retarded martian* and probably thinks "Really, I am going to marry her? Ohhh boy" He has been quite participatory recently, probably because the percentage of wedding-related questions he has heard in the last two weeks is 95% of the questions I ask him (poor guy) and if he didn't participate at least a little bit, he would never talk to me!

Mom gets the brunt of my random thoughts, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if she opens up a wedding coordinating business and starts charging me by the hour or by the e-mail (Lord help me) But she's very accommodating and quite calm. (Rare is the day when Mom is calmer than me) It's a little frightening, but also very reassuring. People have been asking for awhile if I was nervous planning a wedding 1,000 miles away, and I always explained that we know our vendors and they're all very good, our parents are local, we used to live in Ohio, etc. etc. etc. But really, what I should have said is "My mom rules and she'll take care of everything" That's pretty much how it's been. Meeting with the florist and the photographer, talking to everyone on the phone, conveying their thoughts to me and mine to them, and this month, PAYING them. (YIKES) At this point, my vendors all know and enjoy speaking with my mom, so much so that on September 19 they might be like Julia? Who? Oh, right. The bride. How's Rachelle doing?

To reiterate, I am lucky. My friends and family have not screamed at me or slapped me (though most live too far away to do that) or told me to shut the hell up, we don't care about this shin-dig as much as you. Quite the opposite. They have been eager, and helpful and kind, and selfless. I am sure I haven't said it enough lately, so, thanks, you guys.

*A phrase used by AMB that accurately describes 90% of looks I receive

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