Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a Julebilation

When Ashley got married 3 years ago, we called the pre-wedding girly festivities "Ashleypalooza" It wasn't a bachelorette party per se, as we had an outing for manicures and pedicures, dinner on the Schuster pool deck, and also an evening at the dueling piano bar. There we no strippers or feather boas or weird shaped straws (ick).

Since all my bridesmaids live in different states and have yet to all be together at once, we will be doing girly festivities this weekend. I wasn't sure what to call the outing, since it's not a bachelorette party at all... high tea and pedicures starting before noon doesn't exactly scream debauchery. So I consulted with Ash about this conundrum. What do we call the festivities (aka much needed relaxation and down time)? She had the perfect solution! "How about a julebilation celebration?!?!"

Isn't that perfect? I think so, too.

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