Monday, August 10, 2009

By the numbers

102- temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, on my car thermometer this afternoon. It eventually adjusted to 95
10- number of place settings I unpacked this afternoon
10- number of corresponding dish boxes I broke down and hauled out to the car (during oppressive heat) for recycling
2- number of Home Improvement re-runs watched while breaking down said boxes
8- number of old place settings that still have to be packed up and donated (I took a break to blog!)
2- number of place settings still in Ohio, to be delivered this fall
3- number of guests (so far) who have decided to invited extra people to the wedding
100- number of 'yes' RSVPs so far
6- number of 'no' RSVPs so far
75- number of 'need to answer by Saturday' RSVPs remaining

1 comment:

ashley said...

Friends of friends don't invite friends! WTF people?!?!