Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Challenge

Now that there is nothing* on TV, I have had to come up with alternative distractions in the evenings. You know, when I am not planning our wedding. And I thought of something! We have been Netflix subscribers since moving to DC in 2004. In case you are unaware, the thing about Netflix is you pay monthly and can rent as many movies as you want. There are no late fees, so if you receive a movie on March 1 and don't watch it until April 30, that's OK. I mean, you're paying for unlimited movies and you've only watched one. But if you're fine with that, so are they. Spring was rough for Netflix watching. We were just busy, doing various stuff. We had visitors, house stuff, wedding stuff, etc. Oh, and don't forget about May television, which included season finales of Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, LOST (best show ever) and American Idol. We really don't watch much TV-- those are our only shows-- but you can't miss the last ones till the fall! Then the Cavs were in the playoffs and like any idiotic Cleveland fans, we tuned in to each game. Once the Cavs lost, I decided we needed to do something productive (and less heart-wrenching) in the evenings. This brings me back to Netflix. I decided we should try to watch a Netflix movie every day. We can have 2 DVDs at home at a time, but we also have 'instant watch' movies, which will keep us busy while the actual discs are in the mail. We have recently watched Cactus Flower, Get Smart, and Silkwood. Quite a motley assortment, no? Tonight we have no discs at home, and will venture into the instant watch category. We also have HBO with our cable- somehow it does not cost extra- so we have been searching for movies currently in our Netflix queue to record on HBO, thus adding more 'instant watch' movies to our list. Between the DVDs, Netflix Instant Watch, and HBO movies that we DVR, we should be in good shape! I'll let you know how we do later this month.

*unless you count reality summer TV or NBA finals w/o the Cavs as quality television

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