Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A for Effort?

You may recall we embarked on a movie watching challenge at the beginning of June. The goal was basically to watch as many movies as possible, so as to get a great value out of our Netflix subscription. In the past 30 days, we have watched eight films.... so an average of 2 per week. Not bad, but in no way something to write home about. Our plan was thwarted by the fact that we (mostly Michael) watched a million episodes of Heroes via the "Instant watch" queue. For most people this means watching movies and TV shows on the computer screen. And that used to be us. We started Heroes in the fall, instant-watching on the computer. But apparently that's not good enough for us anymore. When we got our Blu-Ray player earlier this year, Michael purchased the one with built-in Netflix, thus allowing all instant watch programing to come through the big screen. I was indifferent to the feature, but he was super-pumped. To wit: He has watched 30 episodes of Heroes via the instant watch feature just this month- And the month is not over yet!

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