Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Pete Y'all! I'm getting married!

Despite being engaged for 9 months (to the day) the reality of getting married has not really sunk in completely. I mean, don't get me wrong. I have done a lot of planning and have a dress and all that. But since we started planning a year before the event, everyone has been saying 'oh you have time' and other such things. Well, we did. And we have a lot less now! I find myself thinking of random details like "Do I need a human being to pass out programs, or will a basket in the foyer suffice?" and "What time do we need to get to the church" and all sorts of other random things. But what makes it feel 'real' now is really dumb, actually. Mom sent out the shower invitations last week, and gifts are being purchased off the registries. We created the first one back in February and have been adding and subtracting and changing quantities off and on. But we can't do that now! People are buying us this stuff!! They're coming to the shower and to the wedding, which is a real event that will happen in 3 months. And this is a good thing, this wedding in 3 months. But all of the sudden we went from 'tons of time' to less than 100 102 days. Which I realize is not 'zero time' but still. It just feels very very real right now.

*Thank you Al for calculating our wedding countdown

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