Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few things

No hot guys on Oprah today, but I still have a few items to share. One is actually (again) related to Brad Pitt! That was unplanned, but might as well tackle that first.

1) I am enjoying my December issue of In Style which is pretty much the size of a phonebook. There's a pic of Brad and Angelina with a caption "No, you don't have her husband or her wardrobe" and I paused and said Wait a second.... Brad Pitt is NOT her husband! They are not married. They have been dating since 2005 (I think) and he is the father of her kids, but that's nto the same as being her husband. It ticked me off that no one caught that factual error so I wrote to the editor! They really should proof-read better.

2) We are going "up" to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. It is strange to use "up" as the direction, but c'est la vie. SC is chillier than Florida so I have been looking through the suitcase of cold weather clothing we brought to the condo instead of putting in storage. We clearly didn't plan on being here through the fall/winter because there are very few appropriate items in said suitcase. In fact, a decent portion is just a stack of Hard Rock t-shirts. Very useful. However, after removing the HRC shirts and a pair of Curious George PJ pants (seriously) I discovered 2 pair of jeans that I completely forgot that I owned. I was just wondering today how I was going to make it for 4 days with the one pair I have been wearing here during the evenings, and now I don't have to worry! I realized I actually have 4 pair of jeans that FIT ME RIGHT NOW! They fit better today than they did mostly all of 2008 which makes me very happy. I almost want to celebrate with a brownie sundae but I realize that probably will make them fit less well.

3) Early Christmas decorations and celebrating is driving me crazy. We actually bought Christmas cards in Target this past weekend because I was afraid they would run out if we waited until after Thanksgiving. And truly, who wants to go into Target any day in December? To add to the madness, there is a radio station that has, no joke, been playing Christmas music since Halloween. Um- Thanksgiving, anyone? I, for one, love apple pie and turkey and mashed potatoes and corn and the Macy's parade. And especially apple pie. So let's let Thanksgiving and the parade to enjoy their one day of glory.

4) I am making two Thanksgiving desserts tomorrow and am very pumped. Guess what I am making? That's right. Apple pie. (Dessert #2 is pumpkin bread, in case you are wondering)

5) Happy Thanksgiving to my (probably less than 5) loyal readers. Or, as Pepe would say, FELIZ TURKEYS OHKEH!

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