Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Yes, we're still talking about California.   We are almost done, which is probably a good thing because if I wait much longer, I am bound to forget more than I already have.   I should probably take better notes.  Or just blog more frequently after such fun.

Anyway.   I mentioned that we went on a super cool tour of San Francisco.  It was a great way to spend several hours (with bathroom stops thankyouverymuch) but it did not cover everything that we wanted to see.   Truth be told... neither did we.  There is just too much cool stuff for our short jaunt.  We must go back.  And we shall, some day.  Here are some highlights as to what we did without the tour guide.

Aside from seeing many cool spots during-- and after-- the tour, Michael did not disappoint in the food department.   I did not take pictures of everything.   I am so not that girl.  Mostly because I am hungry 99% of my waking hours and by the time I think to take a picture I am halfway done with the food.  Oh well!

Soups in bread bowls from Boudin.   And some wine from Sonoma, naturally.  This is all placed precariously on the little tiny end table in our hotel room.   It worked great, and it was the cheapest dinner we had all week.   And perhaps the tastiest.

Michael enjoying Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista, which claims to have brought the drink over from Ireland.   Thank you, Buena Vista.  Good idea.

OK so I wanted to stop for donuts, not Michael.   No surprise there  We were walking on Fisherman's Wharf and the mini donuts were calling to me.  I didn't want to disappoint them.  They were delish.

Also while on the Wharf, we took a few touristy pictures.  I couldn't resist.

The sea lions have been there for more than 20 years

Pier 39 (obviously) with Alcatraz behind us

We had to take the boat out there!  So so so windy (again... common theme)

Check out the ROCK!

Michael is in a jail cell?  Yeah.  Had to take a picture of that one!

Aside from learning all about "the most secure prison in the United States" via their very informative audio tour, we also made it to Lombard Street 

and rode the cable cars numerous times

Fun, but talk about inefficient transportation!  If it weren't so hilly I am quite confident I could outrun a cable car any day of the week.

Verdict of our California Trip:
I cannot believe it took us each 28 years to get out there.  Rest assured, we will be back to further explore San Francisco, wine countries, and new areas, too.  It sounds cheesy, but in my opinion, it is so cool that the country is so divers in its people and landscapes and what is has to offer.  There is no excuse to not take advantage of as much as we can!  

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