Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leaping Lizards, Batman!

Today was 'cold' here in central Florida.  You know, high in the low 60s, and 40 mph winds.  I had on long sleeves.  The afternoon was spent not at the pool but at the mall, buying Michael a new computer battery and power supply at the Apple Store.  I opted for a new green iPod Nano and a trip to the hair salon.  On the drive home (due west at 6 pm, thank you very much) I encountered copious amounts of sunshine directly in my face.     Little did I know that sunshine was the least of my worries.

Lucky for me, the highway does veer a bit south soon after my on-ramp.   Right around this point of my journey, as I was moving into the far left lane to blow past tourists continue home, I noticed movement in my left side mirror. I had already gotten into my lane, so I was not sure why another vehicle would be moving toward me from the side. I feared for a millisecond that a car was encroaching my way. I looked closer and saw a HUGE brown lizard clinging on for dear life. How in the @#$%$^% did a lizard land on my car while I was driving along at [at least] 70 mph?! Maybe he jumped from another vehicle? Lucky guy to land on a car and not the 3 lane highway, only to be squished to a pulp. Then again, he could have gotten on my roof at the mall, and finally migrated down the car as I drove. Not sure. Regardless, I am pretty sure he didn't fall from the sky.

After my heart started beating again, I burst out laughing. Our eyes definitely met, but then I decided it best to face forward and drive safely again. I did say out loud "Sorry, man. Nothing I can do for you" And with that, the brown spot in my periphery vanished. The lizard was gone just as soon as he had appeared. Sadly, I'm pretty sure he didn't get lucky this time around and find another mirror to cling to. I fear he has met his maker.

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Marilyn R. Wilson said...

Hilarious. You're lucky you didn't have an accident from the surprise. I love it when life throws those little curves to put a smile on our face.

Olio By Marilyn