Saturday, October 22, 2011

To Do: November

Y'all, I have quite a month ahead of me.   In no particular order the following festivities will occur in November

  • Trip to South Carolina for Thanksgiving to see Nana and Papa and also watch way too many movies
  • Visit from my boss (!) who is here over a long weekend
  • Trip to _______ for a surprise visit to see ____________ *
  • Visit from my aunt and uncle and cousins that includes trips to Disney World and water parks and other fun places
  • Trip to Colombia to visit Michael's aunt and uncle and coincidentally, a fellow Cornellie who lives there too!

If I'm not traveling, someone is traveling to see me!   Literally every weekend in November is booked.    To quote Michael:  Oh this is going to be fun for me!

*Seriously- this is all you get.    I can't give any details.   Just in case that person is reading.   Doubtful, but you just never know and I love surprises.   So we all can wait in anticipation.


Angels said...

I can't order myself to write such list and perform it then...I often do my busibess random, and it is not good. But you are doing right deal

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