Thursday, October 13, 2011


Do you know BzzAgent?  One of my colleagues told me about it about 6 months ago.  It all started at lunch.

K was microwaving a new LeanCuisine product that included a soup and sandwich duo.  I had recently seen the item advertised in a magazine, so asked her if they were good.  K told me this was her first one; she received a coupon through a free product-trial group.  Now,  I love new products and I love coupons.  I was instantly hooked and asked to know more.

BzzAgent is a group that promotes free products to its members.  Products run the gamut: cleaning supplies, cosmetics, diapers, iPhone apps, not-usually-free websites with financial services, coupons for food, etc.   It really runs the gamut.  I took a look at the website that evening and signed up.  Again, it's free to join and participate.

Once you create an account, you take surveys.  They are brief questionnaires: 5 or 8 questions.  They do not take all day thankfully.   And, more importantly, they are useful.  They want to know about you so they send you the right products.   I am a married 28 year old female without kids.  They will not be sending me diapers.  Nor will they be sending me One-A-Day's newest line for men over 65.   Helpful.

So the more surveys you answer, the better tailored the products will be.  Don't worry, they don't give you 100 surveys to start.   They give you maybe 5 and then the next time you visit the website, there might be 2 more.   They are literally 5 questions and take about 10 seconds to answer.  The more surveys you fill out, the more likely it is that a) you will receive a free product and b) it will be a product you just might buy.   (Especially if they send a coupon too!)

Now that they know you, you'll start to get emails about free stuff.   If you indicate that you would like to try the product that is described, you will get a box in the mail!   Don't worry, they do not send anything unless you indicate you actually want it.  Now, this is free, but the folks at BzzAgent do want you to talk (Bzz) about the products.  Tell your friends and colleagues and neighbors and sisters  and hair stylist about the stuff.  Write about it on facebook.   Blog about it (guilty as charged).  Give friends the coupons.  Help the big corporate giants promote their new products in a more viral, social media type way.

So far I have received and used the following:

-A rather large box chock full of SCJohnson cleaning type products
A bottle of pledge (LOVE!), some type of floor cleaner, scrubbing bubbles auto shower cleaner, scrubbing bubbles stick on toilet cleaning gels, glade plug in refills in a springtime scent, a glade candle in a springtime scent, glade spray air freshener in a different springtime scent, and 5 coupons for each product.   I was to share coupons with friends and save some for myself to buy additional products if I liked them.  And these were good coupons, y'all. Each were at least $1.00 off, some more.  Whoa!
Verdit: I love the SCJohnson company and everything in the box.   Not a surprise.   I will continue to buy my favorites but unless I have a coupon I am not spending full price on the toilet cleaning gels.

-A new L'Oreal eyeshadow
L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow, which has an applicator brush shaped like your eyelid.  The corresponding survey even asked about my eye color so my free sample would be the exact product I would buy in the future, should I like it.
Verdict: I hated the applicator but loved the colors.   The applicator is too small for my eyelids.   Gave this product to my [also brown-eyed] sister.   I don't know if she is still using it or not.   I will not be buying this product.

-Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Products
Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Facial cleanser (full size!), BBSS moisturizer (full size!), and a bunch of free samples of the moisturizer to share with friends.   Along with a handful of $1.00 off coupons to share.
Verdict: So far, mixed reviews.   I am an exfoliator.   Sensitive skin face wash does not have exfoliants, obviously.   There is no scent, which is probably a good thing for me.  The moisturizer feels nice, but I still think I prefer my Olay.
Prediction: I will use it up but likely won't buy it again

Had I been thinking ahead, I would have photographed the boxes and their contents so as to provide a visual for the post.   Alas, I did not.   I have room to improve in this department.

Can't wait to see what comes next!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way by the folks at BzzAgent nor any of the above mentioned brands.  Just sharing a fun free way to try new stuff!

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