Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Auditory Amusement

After seeing The Help last weekend (recommended!) Michael and I grabbed food at the Wolfgang Puck quick service restaurant across the street.  We had never been before, but based on our (my) interaction, we should go frequently.  Chad was a riot.   His helpful Disney nametag tells me he is from the midwest.  No surprise there

Me: I don't know what I want
Michael: Jules, just pick something
Me (to Chad, the young guy at the register): I need your opinion please
Chad: OK
Me: If you were going to order a salad, would you choose the barbecue chicken salad or the roasted turkey salad?
Chad: Well, I think I was a T-Rex in a former life and I don't eat salad.  I would tell you to get the pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni
Me: But I don't really want pizza
Chad: Well, I do eat sandwiches.  So if both of these were sandwiches I would pick the turkey because the chicken salad as a sandwich sounds gross
Me (laughing) : That is not helpful!
Chad: I told you I don't eat salad!
Me (still laughing): Fine.  Ok.  Well, I don't want pizza and since you are no help with the salad, I will order something else
Chad: We do sell a lot of the barbecue chicken salads
Michael: I would like the Thai chicken please
Chad: See, he knows what he wants for dinner
Me: That does not HELP me!  OK, Chad, I am going to have the pesto chicken sandwich.  We met halfway.  You don't like salad, I don't want pizza.   How's this sandwich?
Chad, to Michael: Wow, so this is pretty much your life, huh?
Michael: Yep.
Chad: That's awesome!  The sandwich is good.


Kim said...

Haha, Chad sounds like a cool guy!

Janet said...

This was hysterical... sounds like a meal out with my husband. He hates it when I can't decide and ask the server to describe things!

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