Monday, June 27, 2011

My Sister the Comic

Al and I often communicate via gchat rather than phone.   We're cutting edge like that.   Our conversations provide great amusement to me.  Today's chat was no exception.

Alison: I had library books due on Thursday.  I figured I'd shove them in a drop box after work (libraries here are 10-5). Library 1- NO DROP BOX  Library 2: NO DROP BOX!  Library 3: drop box!  for the LOVE OF GOD    So I can barely check books out, and now you are making them difficult to return?!  It's a scheme to get fines just like the evil USPS in cahoots.

Alison: I want the Netflix equivalent of the library, please.  No due dates

me: They have that.  You pay for it like Netflix tho- libraries are free.   I mean, via taxes

Alison: Oh puh lease my taxes are SO HIGH.  I should be having books wrapped in gold leaf and picked up by a trained shiba inu with a saddlebag and a cap that says NYPL

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

That is HILARIOUS! And Shiba Inus are such cute
dogs - appropriate representatives for literacy, to
be sure. LOL