Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm in a New York State of Mind

Or at least I was two weeks ago.   I am a bit tardy in reporting on our fantabulous weekend.  Please enjoy the numerous photos illustrating our fun times ten days ago.

Though it wasn't planned this way, a decent portion of the weekend was devoted to eating food.  The quality ran the gamut between buying a hot dog from a street vendor, an item on Pannie's bucket list, to gourmet mac n cheese, to legitimate gourmet at Le Bernardin (Ash & Pannie, not me, and also another bucket list item).  And if you were in the mood to make your own food, all the raw ingredients at Chelsea Market would inspire even the most elementary cook to create a masterpiece.   And let us not forget Serendipity with its ridiculous desserts.

Perhaps the highlight of the week (unfortunately not captured on film) involved Al eating near Central Park.   You see, Ash decided to buy Al a peanut butter and jelly macaroon.  While wandering near the Park, Al was enjoying her treat and a very 'forward' man selling rides through the park ran up into her face and said "Put down the damn donut and ride a bike!" Al continued walking, while Ash retorted "Actually, it's a macaroon!"  

And now that I think about it, there was another highlight.  You see, Chelsea Market has these amazing flavored salts.  One is called Ghost Pepper Salt and is flavored with the Ghost Pepper, aka the hottest in the world.  Ash did not see the WARNING SIGN and shoved a decent sized handful in her mouth and nearly died on the spot.  I have never seen anyone turn that red so quickly.

I'm not sure where to put this momentous occasion, but it wasn't so much a highlight as an experience.  I ate a bite of eggs benedict.   If you know me or have ever eaten breakfast with me, you know that I loathe and despise eggs.  In all solo or omelet forms.  That is to say: no scrambled eggs, no fried eggs, no hard boiled eggs, no egg salad.  Eggs mixed in any number of foods, including quiche or fritatas, fine.  So, as you can imagine, this is a big deal.  And as you can see, I survived

But the weekend wasn't all about food, or me tackling a food phobia.  Come to think of it, Ash conquered many phobias, including- but not limited to- walking on subway grates.  She also conquered revolving doors, but alas, no photo.

The weekend was about friendships and sisters, which really, are just forced friendships that we can never end (not that we want to!) and spending time with my favorite people.  

Needless to say, I can't wait to plan our next rendez-vous!

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Rachelle said...

OMG! You ate eggs and did not die! I only wish I had been present to witness the momentous event. LOL