Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Back in 2006, when Ash and Jason got married, the trio of Ash, Pannie and Jules decided never to go more than a year without seeing each other.  You see, we met in 2001 at American University and were inseparable.  Then, Ash didn't return to AU for our junior year and we had three years of missing each other.  Truth be told, I missed Pannie a little less because we were roommates part of that time, and then both lived in DC.  But the point is, we missed being a trio.  The Ash wedding reunion was so euphoric that we started a tradition: get together every summer.

Lucky for us, mutual friends Becky and Ryan got married the following summer, and their wedding served as the perfect spot for Reunion 2007.  As is often the case, there were shenanigans galore.

In addition to being frightened of an Oklahoma night club, we went on a search for bison (unsuccessful)

 and continued to act like weirdos at wedding receptions.

There were no weddings in 2008, but that didn't stop us!  We managed to organize a rendez-vous in DC.  The trip was dubbed a "family reunion" because it wasn't just the three of us...  Michael and Jason were there, too.  It was our first extended time period with Jason and we LOVED him!  (we still do)  the timing was interesting because Michael and I had just moved to Florida, but were glad to return to our former home for Labor Day weekend to see Pannie, Ash and Jason.  We managed to get in a day with Becky and Ryan, too.  An excellent weekend for all, complete with "Then & Now" shots in DuPont.

As you all know, September 2009 was another wedding.  It was wonderful; Michael and I got married, and the trio was, once again, reunited.  The photo below could be called Ash, Pannie, and the brown girl.  But that tends to be the case with us....

Flash to the present.  The summer reunion trip was planned out perfectly.  The three of us would reunite in Florida in August.  With the Orlando airport serving as our hub and my Florida house as our homebase, we'd fly to Orlando, drive West to the beaches, enjoy quality time together at a beach house (thanks to Ash's aunt for the lodging) and have our yearly summer social gathering.  But then I realized that a trip to Florida, which would require a plane ticket and time off from my temp job, was not a good idea.  Fiscally irresponsible, but also logistically complex because Ithaca is an hour from a major airport and we only have one car here, and Michael has classes and won't need to be stranded.  I regretfully backed out of the summer plans, wishing A&P well.  That very same week Ash's aunt called with crazy news: Her building partially collapsed and was not structurally sound.  Our beach accommodations were no longer available.  The trip was not meant to be.  

Pannie and Ash decided it wouldn't be a trio reunion without me (true, because two is less than three) and have been coming up with alternative ideas.  After talking to Pannie this afternoon, I got some fantastic news..... in order to accommodate me, they're considering a trip to the FINGER LAKES area!  Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  Since we can't meet up at the beach, and my schedule doesn't allow for many days off for travel, (and the house is not available) they're willing to forgo the beach and come to my neck of the woods and enjoy New York and/or Lake Ontario.  I have the best friends, ever!

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