Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition OR Why I should not drink coffee

I logged on to tell you about why I shouldn't drink coffee, but like an animal to a shiny object, I as distracted by blogger's new templates!  I'm not sure if I like this one or not, there is an awful lot of white space here in the middle.  Consider it a trial run for now.  And changing your blog template is not like changing most other things.... virtual changes are erased with the 'undo' button.  Much less of a commitment than, say, cutting your hair, which grows back, but slower than you can change the blog back.

Anyway.  I digress.  I left for the office early today to drop Michael off.  It's like I'm a mom taking my kid to school...  "Bye, honey.  Have fun at school!"  Since I left early, I had time to kill and stopped at the local coffee shop and ordered a large sugar free non-fat vanilla latte.  At Starbucks this is called Grande and it never causes me problems.  I guess the Ithaca shops use crazy espresso or something because HOLY COFFEE, BATMAN!  It was strong.  Tasty, though.  I drank almost the whole thing, after eating a small bowl of cereal.  This does several things.

First, it feels like there is acid eating away at the lining of your stomach.  In fact, it makes the acid in your stomach seem like water.  Or Kool-Aid.  Whatever it was, the liquid had an approximate pH level 2.  And since I had only eaten a small breakfast, and evidently have a small bladder, I had to pee.  A lot.

Now would be a good time to fill you in on the following factoids about the office:
The bathroom is dooooooown the hall.  Down several halls, in fact.  Not nearby.
I spend the majority of time on the phone with people.  Some of them are quite chatty.   This is not good when you have consumed a large cup of a diuretic in a short amount of time.

So this morning, I literally ran back and forth to the bathroom.  I jumped up from my desk, ran down the hall in high heels, and then came back and made a phone call.   And sometimes a 2nd call.  Then, the coffee said hello again.  I think my officemates thought I was crazy.  Or maybe that I was ill.  I don't know, but my reason was totally legit.

Lesson learned: Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, especially if your office is far from a restroom and/or you are on a car trip.

Wow.  This entry is kind of gross.  Sorry about that.  I'll be back this weekend with something patriotic and wonderful to celebrate our nation's independence.

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