Monday, December 21, 2009

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I am too old to be writing you a letter, and I am old enough to know that this is was past the deadline to ask for anything. I mean, the elves have to be loading the sleigh at this point...

But since you're an expert traveler and obviously know how to travel faster than anyone, thus avoiding all sorts of terrible delays maybe you could help. (Then again, you also have your own flying aircraft. If there's one way to make sure you take off on time it's to pilot your own sleigh that can land ANYWHERE! But I digress) See, we are flying on Wednesday night. Could you work some Christmas magic and try to make sure our flight is not delayed and it's not snowing when we land? Reindeer can handle the snow (and so can the Cleveland airport, really) but I prefer to land on normal runway. So, since you travel on Thursday night, maybe you can send good vibes my way the day before, and I'll be sure to leave an extra cookie or two for you.

And thanks again for the Barbie DreamHouse all those years ago.


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