Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year, new projects!

As some of you know, M and I closed on a house just before Christmas. We're very excited about a) the awesome deal we got and b) having a home of our own! The house is in great shape but needed a few face-lift type fixes, which began on January 7. Two weeks later, the work continues! We hope to be in the house in the next week or so- for sure before the end of the month.

House remodeling and moving is typically enough to keep two people busy, but we're unconventional. We're also planning a wedding. It's going fine so far, thanks to those who are checking in and offering tips and assistance. I do have 2 big deadlines looming- DRESS and DJ.

And finally, on top of fixing and moving into a house, planning a wedding, I started a new job about 10 days ago. It's part time, mostly administrative work, but it's nice to talk to people, have a quasi-normal schedule a few days a week, and best of all, get a paycheck!

My free hours seem to be disappearing by the day, but I'll try to be back again soon with a house update and hopefully a photo or two!

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