Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending April 25

Did you have a nice Easter?  It was the first one we've had in Ohio in almost 10 years, which was a little strange!   Personally, I liked that we spent time with Michael's side {brunch at ML's} and my side {dinner at Nene's} and we got to spend some one-on-one time at the Indians game!  True, sitting in a stadium may not scream HE IS RISEN but I found it to be fabulous.   I even went to 6 am Mass [during which time paramedics were called to assist an elderly gentleman] in order to get in run.  The best kind of full day


Since Al was in town we did a lot of dessert eating and making.  Also, we watched Frozen.  Yes, we are [supposed to be] grown-ups and no we are not too old to watch children's films.  In less than 6 months the few days Al and I have been in the same place, we have seen Monster's University, Brave, and Frozen.  #adult

Michael celebrated his Baskin-Robbins birthday* this week so we have been eating way too much cake this week.  It's delicious, but MyFitnessPal hates me.

 We participated in our first networking event to support our alma mater.   It was fun to put some alumni names that we usually just see in newsletters with faces, and to promote the summer opening of the store.

In other news, I am impatient.  We still don't have bedroom furniture, no art has been hung, and we have assembled one of two bookshelves.   Yes, I work full time, yes Michael is working on opening a restaurant and yes, we had a major holiday thrown in.  But I am READY for our place to feel 100% like home.   My hope is that this weekend we can take care of some of the smaller annoyances.  Truly it does not look bad but it's not DONE and that drives me crazy.  I know, I know, your home is never done, you can always tweak it, etc.  But until my artwork is out of its boxes and books are unpacked, we are not done with this phase.


Actually we do have 1 item hanging on the wall.   It may keep me doing laundry a little more frequently

In addition to hopefully recycling a lot of cardboard, this weekend will include the North Coast Men's Chorus presentation of VonTrapped.  As if Sound of Music songs were not reason enough to go, check this out:   
Join us as we sing through fabricated Austrian Alps with nuns, soldiers, seven precocious children, a goat herd, and a drag queen baroness!

Auntie and Benita [birthday girl!] are joining us, and we even get to eat at Balaton.   See also #3:
It's delicious, but MyFitnessPal hates me.

*he turned 31

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