Monday, November 21, 2011

For what I am about to share, may I be truly grateful

'Tis the season for turkey and stuffing and green beans cooked in Campbell's soup (sorry I'm from the midwest; green bean casserole is a-ma-zing) and PIE.    Mostly pie.    It's also the beginning of the holiday season -- despite the fact that Target has been hawking Christmas decor since mid-October -- where everyone tends to reflect on the past year.    Thanksgiving, despite being a forgotten step-child in the retail world, really does start us off on the right foot, don't you think?

We're back in Florida so that means we'll be driving to South Carolina to see Michael's maternal grandparents, Nana and Papa.  We had a great time last year (Ithaca = drive to New Jersey to see the other side of the family!) but I am also a stickler for tradition.   That said, I am grateful that we are back here in Florida, and consequently, able to be back there at Thanksgiving.

All 4 of Michael's grandparents are awesome.   Specifically, Nana and Papa are both over 80 and each play 18 holes of golf each day (he walks half, she walks half) and they act like they're closer to 50 than 80.    They watch current TV, read current books, and are lovely people to converse with, about pretty much any topic.   I am thankful that, by marriage, these wonderful people are now part of my family.     I am thankful that we are close enough to to drive to spend time at the holidays with them.   (and avoid the airport!)  I am thankful that in less than 48 hours I will be in their condo wearing yoga pants, glasses, and no makeup, reading a book and drinking tea, with no distractions.

I am thankful that the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend includes watching lots of movies, reading lots of books, playing lots of games, and spending lots of time talking with each other.   That's what Thanksgiving is all about, after all.   Family and love and relaxation.  Not black Friday sales and craziness.

May each of you be blessed with a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, and may you be truly grateful for it.

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