Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter in Ithaca

After spending a GLORIOUS three week stint in Orlando, we are back to the realities of the northeast.  Michael's externship was fun, I worked from our spare bedroom, and we went to both Disney and Universal.  It was great, and made us realize, again, that we really do enjoy our old stomping grounds.

Ithaca welcomed us with single digit temperatures when we arrived three Sundays ago, and we've been decked out in hats and gloves ever since.  Last week we were part of the treacherous snow storm that hit 30-some states.  It was ridiculous.  My 3 mile, 9 minute drive to work turned into a 25 minute nightmare on Tuesday, and I worked from Wednesday.  It was sort of like a snow day, but I could not watch all the trashy daytime TV.... I had to work!

This weekend has presented two highlights to wintry weekends in Ithaca.  You see, I have some fantastic co-workers.   On Thursday, one of them invited me to go sledding with him at the Cornell Plantations (read: big snowy hills)  I accepted immediately and there were 4 of us ranging in age from 27-52 (and a large dog) sledding down the hills.  It was great fun, as you'd imagine.   This weekend I was wearing ski pants and coat, mittens, etc. so I stayed warm and dry despite the 'wintry mix' falling from the sky.  Wintry mix, you see, is a fancy way of saying wet rainy snow.  It is NOT ideal for sledding, but the excursion was a blast.  I texted my sister to tell her what I was doing.  Her response: Haha, watch your chin.   You see, the last time I went sledding was probably sometime in the mid-90s, which was also about the time Al bashed her chin open on the ice when she fell off a sled.  I am pleased to report no injuries from the afternoon.

On Friday morning, another co-worker gave me her season tickets for last night's Cornell University men's hockey game.  I didn't know much about Lynah Rink and the Lynah faithful, but am proud to say I am now among them!  Cornell Hockey is a historically strong team and tickets are very hard to come by, with each game selling out well before face-off.  We saw a come from behind overtime victory last night.  It was great!   Our seats were behind the goal where Cornell scored the game-winner which was pretty exciting.  My favorite part of the night was when Michael leaned over and said "We're going to have to start going to NHL games.   This is fun!"  

We're toping off the local winter fun with the big game tonight.   One of the few good things about February: The Super Bowl!  And this year, Glee to follow.  I must now go make chili.

And because no matter where I live, you cannot take the Cleveland (and Pittsburg hatred) out of the girl.......   GO PACKERS!


Hannah said...

Hockey is AWESOME. I'm watching the Capitals-Penguins game right now, actually.

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It's nice to see such an enthusiastic blogger here. I like those posts. So, I decided to follow your blog too. Bye!