Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yays and Boos

A lazy person's answer to an entry

YAY for a trip to New York to visit the Crookers and taste lots of good wine
BOO for freezing weather most of the time
YAY for Florida's beautiful weather upon our return
YAY for ML bringing us the wine we bought so we didn't have to pack it all

YAY for planning a trip to DC to visit Pannie in December
BOO for no Nutcracker at Kennedy Center this year
YAY for Washington Ballet performing it, too

YAY for pretty much being done with changing my last name
BOO for some companies changing it WRONG! (Seriously!)

BOO for Vanessa Carlton's free concert at EPCOT getting cancelled tonight
YAY for Boyz II Men next week, so I don't really care about V.C. after all

YAY for making Thanksgiving plans
BOO for having to drive the day before (TRAFFIC = ICK)

and lastly....

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