Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Fay

I am currently experiencing my first Florida hurricane. It is not, in fact, my first hurricane, as I was in DC for Hurricane Isabel back in fall 2003. In the midst of the storm, I had the bright idea to go to the dining hall and get some food. Pannie thought I was crazy but must have been hungry, so we went and got drenched (see photo). Michael and Iain were adventurous enough to join us and we had a lovely evening playing Trivial Pursuit afterward. I also believe this was the first time I had an actual conversation with the hilarious Ed O'Keefe. But I digress.

Fay is in Florida and I am not impressed. It's windy and rainy outside, but I am from Ohio and that's often called "spring" or "a tornado". We have sequestered ourselves inside watching Superman Returns and the Olympics. Our emergency hurricane kit currently consists of a hand-crank flashlight and a freshly baked peach custard pie. We have yet to use the flashlight. When we turned on the news this morning we heard that all Disney parks opened an hour early today (I assume so vacationers could go in for a few hours and enjoy the parks before the storm). Michael turned to me and said "I would totally go into Disney World during the hurricane!" And I think if it had been earlier in the morning, he and I would have actually gone in.

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Eula said...

Love the line about watching the hurricane - calling it 'spring' or 'a tornado' in Ohio. You have a great wit. Just found your blog today - it's great!